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Life is Twisted * Music is the Key * Release Yourself * Until You’re Free.

Genre: Tech House, Techno, House, Minimal Tech, Electro House, Electro Tech, Dub Step, Grime.

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I am eternally thankful for the gift of awareness, even when it hurts.
I am conscientious and unconditionally devoted to my loved ones.
I am dynamically stimulated by the rhythmic vibrations of music.
I am deeply disturbed by people who habitually cast judgment.
I am inherently content despite noticeable signs of anguish.

I am direct and straight forward about my life experiences.
I am exceptionally awful at letting go of anything I Love.
I am hyper sensitive to the energy produced by others.
I am a survivor; determined to conquer any hardship.
I am only interested in you being yourself with me.
I am riveted by unrestricted, descriptive words.
I am convinced laughter keeps away demons.
I am genuine; I wear my heart on my sleeve.
I am a repressed singer, until I’m in the car.
I am fascinated with self-induced healing.
I am passionate about my spirituality.
I am blessed with amazing friends.
I am uncommonly open-minded.
I am masochistically optimistic.
I am a dancer before all else!
I am an incurable romantic.
I am neutrally observing.
I am remarkably naive.
I am blooming within.
I am truly forgiving.
I am a Rhymester.
I am very loyal.
I am learning.
I am sincere.
I am ready.
I am more.
I am Love.
I am One.
I am Me.
I Am U.
I Am.


With a Fixation On Elevation…
The Sowelu, “Aspiration”
Is the intended Penetration,
Deep within the collective Imagination.
Where each solitary Vibration, 

Merges together in Conglomeration,
Forming the most heightened of Sensations…
No Earthly words to describe such Illumination.
Uplifting the Soul to absolute Elation,
On the quest through personal Transformation,
Ultimately gravitating toward a Conscious Revelation.
As a species, we must accomplish Unification.
And if something as intrinsic as Music –
Can become One’s Inspiration,
To begin their Journey,
Towards a path to Self Realization,
Then each and every one of my mixed Compilations
That I’ve posted here for your listening Gratification,
Are simply an evolving Permutation,
Of idealistic Exploration,
Through a unique, musical type of Conversation.
With subtle Implications –
And verbose Animation,
Shaped by my emotional Manifestations.
Driven by one principal Motivation:
If just a single listener identifies with my cryptic Illustrations,
Layered between 4-Four measures & heavy bass-line Amplifications,
Then that ALONE is reason enough to continue the Creation!
The designed meaning is simply the Foundation,
And the core to understanding my personal Spiritualization
But whatever your individual Interpretation,
You have my most sincere Appreciation ~
For taking a the time to LISTEN AT ALL!!!!
~Sowelu AKA Miss AntiGravity

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